The Visitors From the Future

Jan 7, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, Articles


Chances are that you have heard about the theory which states that aliens have visited us before. The theory which we will take a look at in this article has a slightly different angle. It states that aliens used time travelling machines in order to visit us.

One part of this theory involves the evolutionary angle, which is highly wishful rather than practical in its thinking. Another part talks of possible violation of set physical rules – inter-dimensional hypothesis. L:


One side of this hypothesis includes the evolution process, which is everything but practical. The other side is concerned with conceivable infringement of a number of physical principles, or the dimensional intertwining theory.

According to ufologists, instead of (or similar to) multiple galaxies and constellations existing together, the universe is actually a plethora of multiple worlds existing together. Each of these worlds is inhabited and has progressed to differing degrees. Of those who have made rapid advancements in science and technology, have also cracked how to travel across parallel dimensions.

The ufologists claim that, rather than various constellations and galaxies existing together, the universe is really a number of numerous worlds in co-existence. Each of these planets is occupied and has advanced to contrasting degrees. Of the ones who have made the fastest progression in science and innovation have additionally figured out how to cross between these co-existing dimensions.

An ufologist and astronaut, Jacques Fabrice Vallée, states that outsiders are guests from a different universe which exist parallel with our world. These individuals fit in with a general public much the same as human race. However, they have made a huge technological advancement, to such an extent that they can cross between dimensions at will. As per until now known physical laws, the dimensions have a firm boundary between them. They can’t be transgressed. However, as indicated by a number of conspiracy theorists, these guests have technologically advanced to the extent that they can rupture physical limits and control time and space. That is something which we on Earth cannot do… for now.

Backtracking to the first part, time-traveling aliens too have their group of supporters. The most prominent one among them is Dr. Bruce Goldberg. As indicated by Goldberg, people will effectively figure out how to go crosswise over timetables by 3050. Preceding this, people will figure out how to send pictures to the past.

This hypothesis as well, as it were, bets on travel between dimensions. Here, “chrononauts” exist in the fifth measurement, and are thus imperceptible to us. Anyway they are watching us, and are actually pulling off traps like hereditary control. This is to guarantee our development – as we develop, so do they; since they are our future. To place it in basic dialect, our future eras are making a trip back in time to simplicity and help our profound, individual, and logical development, to verify their lives (the ones they are “in the blink of an eye” living) are better.

As per Goldberg, chrononauts can follow their lives to numerous past births, and we in our current adaptation are one of them. Numerous accept, the other reason the Earth’s future tenants are going back in time, is to change the course of what happened previously, so they could have a more serene presence. With reference to why they look not quite the same as us, scholars point to the advancement of Homo sapiens to us, and propose our inevitable development too to look something else (with perhaps outsider looking highlights). L:


One of the essential reasons why numerous ufologists have confidence in these speculations is that it refutes the unreasonable ‘separation voyaging’ idea. As opposed to flying quicker than time yourself, anticipating a clairvoyant picture of yourself speedier than time to the past or future, appears an a great deal more conceivable and down to earth clarification of outsiders going by us.

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