The Best Movies About Pandemics

Mar 18, 2024 | Articles, Disaster, Health

The current global situation has led many people to turn their attention towards movies and TV shows centered around pandemics. These types of films have been around for decades, but they have gained a whole new level of relevance in recent times. Whether you are looking for a realistic depiction or something more fantastical, there is no shortage of pandemic-themed options to choose from.


1. FLU (2013)

FLUA deadly virus is unleashed on an unsuspecting public. A human trafficker, covered in oozing red rashes and coughing up blood, dies at a hospital. Within hours, the virus spreads throughout the city and death becomes contagious as the body count rapidly rises. Suddenly, the city becomes a locked down quarantine zone – no one gets in, no one gets out. Chaos reigns supreme as the outbreak spirals out of control.






2. Rapture (1991)

RaptureIn a world ravaged by an unknown catastrophe, a band of survivors must navigate the ruins of society in search of safety. As they face unimaginable obstacles and encounter other groups fighting for survival, they are plagued by one unsettling question: what caused this devastating downfall






3. PANDEMIC (2020)

The world is facing a deadly pandemic. Chaos and uncertainty have taken over as the virus spreads rapidly, leaving destruction in its wake. In this new reality, we follow the journey of a young man named Tyler (played by Tyler Posey), who must fight for survival in a world overrun by zombies. As he struggles to navigate this post-apocalyptic landscape, Tyler must also grapple with his own inner turmoil and personal demons.


4. Pandemic (2016)

Watch the trailer for Pandemic, a film set in a world devastated by a deadly virus. As the government struggles to contain the outbreak, citizens are forced to navigate through chaos and danger in order to survive.


5. After The Pandemic (2022)

Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling journey with “After The Pandemic,” the highly anticipated horror film from Horror Brains. Set in a world ravaged by an unknown virus, this post-apocalyptic tale follows a group of survivors as they struggle to stay alive amidst the chaos and terror.


6. EPIDEMIC (2018)

EPIDEMIC is a film unlike any other, with its open-ended and minimalist approach to storytelling. Through stunning visuals and concise language, it invites viewers to embark on a journey of artistic expression and contemplation.


7. Songbird

SONGBIRD, a groundbreaking feature film set in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, takes place in none other than Los Angeles. Starring an all-star cast including Bradley Whitford and Demi Moore as a wealthy couple who may hold the key to protagonist Nico’s mission, Alexandra Daddario as a talented singer caught up in a forbidden love affair, Paul Walter Hauser as a disabled veteran who relies on his drone Max to navigate the world, Craig Robinson as Nico’s boss, and Peter Stormare as the corrupt head of the “sanitation” department responsible for taking infected individuals to the dreaded Q-Zone.


8. Project Gemini (2022)

Welcome to the world of Project Gemini, where imagination and abstraction reign supreme. As you watch the trailer for our upcoming movie, let your mind wander and contemplate the possibilities that await. With a minimalist approach, we invite you to join us on this journey of artistic expression. Our concise language sparks your imagination and evokes feelings and ideas, rather than explicitly providing all the details.

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