The Best Documentaries About Quebec Politics

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Quebec is the second-largest province in Canada and a major economic player in the country. Imagine that, despite not being an independent state, your economic policies, resource management, trade relations, taxation rules, etc., are significantly impacting your country’s economy. Considering that, you can be sure that Quebec is one of the most important provinces in Canada.

Ahead, we’ll be discussing the top 5 documentaries about Quebec politics, what issues they highlighted, and what lessons can we learn from these politics.

The latter part would be interesting for you because, after knowing Quebec’s political history, you’ll be able to implement the lessons in your life – such as for maintaining a calm and composed demeanor in a negotiation, or making the best possible strategic decisions in a high stakes situation.


Top 6 Documentaries About Quebec Politics

These documentaries will give you a perspective on Quebec politics across history, so you can make an informed decision about the recent condemnation of the public health directors, across Quebec’s regions, against the government and the city of Quebec.

1.    Thank You for Playing

Gambling used to be a hot topic in Quebec but due to a change in the law, gambling is legal in the biggest cities in the region. Visitors and residents of the region can play Texas Holdem and similar games online and in the most famous venue, the Casino de Montréal.

This documentary looks at the various features of the different machines and how they encourage users to continue playing.


2.    Breaking Point (2005 Film)

The film focuses on the dramatic events surrounding the second referendum in 1995 on Quebec independence, capturing the personal stories and emotional journeys of the individuals affected by the referendum.

The referendum was a big deal because it posed the big question that whether Quebec should remain a part of Canada or become an independent sovereign state.

The results were a close call, with 50.58% voting to stay with Canada – that’s a difference of only 1.16%! So, the lesson here is that sometimes, such a small margin can make massive differences in high-stakes situations such as in Texas Holdem.


3.    The Champions (Miniseries)

The Champions delves into the lives of two political giants – Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Rene Levesque – and is filled with their rivalries, involving key skills such as strategic thinking, reading opponents, and adapting game plans.

The miniseries shows us how we can take on various challenges life throws at us depending on our personalities. In this specific miniseries, we see it through the political lens of contrasting personalities – their unique approaches to public battles, governing policies, and about leaving a lasting legacy.

For the poker fans, the series although focuses on politics but involves plenty of strategic thinking, negotiation, and understanding the opponents’ motivation and behaviors – so, there are valuable practical lessons for gaming as well as realism.


4.    Trente Tableaux

When it is an autobiography of a film director, you can be sure to expect a visual as well as artistic approach to an entertainment-filled storytelling.

Trente Tableaux is an anthology film – composed of 30 short portraits – highlighting the journey of Quebec film director Paule Baillargeon.

The documentary features the changing societal norms and cultural shifts from the lens of a female film director in Quebec. It showcases various events aspiring in the 30 short portraits of her 66 lifelong years – including discussions on feminism, gender roles, and evolving attitudes in the Quebec society.

Watching the story develop, over the years, of a Quebec film director, viewers can learn the lessons in understanding the significance of long-term thinking. Planning a strategy, with results far into the future, remaining patient, and adapting the approach as the circumstances change and events unfold.


5.    Kanehsatake

Kanehsatake discloses 270 years of indigenous resistance in Canada by focusing on the 78-day standoff between the Mohawk protestors and the Canadian government in 1990.

The event, also known as the 1990 Oka Crisis, transpired because of a land dispute between the native Mohawk people and the Canadian government. See, the government wanted the land for golf expansion, not for itself, but for a local municipality. So, it’s not difficult to understand the relatable demands of the indigenous people in the nearby Kanehsatake community.

Therefore, the Kanehsatake documentary is highly recommended for people who are interested in becoming familiar with Indigenous issues, land rights, and the struggles faced by the native communities in Quebec all across the history.

There are numerous lessons that a person can implement from this Kanehsatake resistance into their lives. The most important being the value of patience and preventing the issues from escalating.

The resistance lasted for several months, so both the parties had to display incredible feats of patience to arrive at a favorable solution.


6.    Je Me Souviens (2002 Film)

Finally, you’ll want to know the cultural history of Quebec across the history and its cultural evolution. Je Me Souviens highlights the culture in the region and how it helped in carving out Quebec’s identity.

This documentary examines the province’s heritage, language, and even the ongoing debate about its place in the Canadian Federation – remember the 1.16% deciding vote in 1995? Yeah, that’s still the topic of debate after all these years.

Since Je Me Souviens has a lot to do with culture, this means people would be more biased towards making decisions that have been coded into their instincts. Meaning, for example in Poker, some players would have a unique playstyle based on their cultural roots.

In addition, Je Me Souviens also highlights the importance of balancing traditions along with innovations. In poker (just as with everything else in life), balancing traditional strategies with innovative plays are the keys to success and progress.


Wrapping Up

We discussed only 5 documentaries about Quebec politics, there are a whole lot more which you can learn about here.

These documentaries feature some of the most prominent events in Quebec history; watching them will help you learn a great deal about Quebec and implement key lessons from these events into your personal lives.

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