The 14 Best Documentaries About Crows

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Crows are one of the most fascinating animals on Earth. They’re incredibly intelligent, have amazing problem-solving abilities, and can even recognize human faces. To get an up-close look at crows and learn more about their behavior, documentaries about these birds offer a great opportunity to do so. From films that discuss the struggles of urban populations to those featuring extraordinary bird sanctuaries, there’s something for everyone who wants to explore this species. Here we take a look at some of the best documentaries about crows that capture their beauty and complexity.


1. Ravens vs Crows (2014)

Raven enthusiast Rick Boufford has dedicated a large portion of his life to studying these enigmatic birds in their natural habitat. As he continues to work closely with them, he often gets asked one specific question that never fails to spark curiosity: What sets ravens apart from crows? Prepare to be astounded by the multitude of differences between these two feathered creatures – from their striking physical features and vocalizations, to the vastly different environments they call home.






2. As The Crow Flies (2014)

The breathtaking journey of the Beeline Britain team is captured in this award-winning documentary. Join them as they conquer the impossible, travelling straight from Land’s End to John O’Groats, covering a distance of 1,100km. This documentary takes you on an exhilarating adventure through stunning landscapes and challenging terrain.






3. Nature – A Murder of Crows – EP01 (2010)

Discover the remarkable world of crows, renowned for their incredible intelligence and complex social structures. As we delve into their fascinating lives, we uncover the secrets behind these highly adaptable creatures. From using tools to communicating with each other through a unique vocal language, crows continue to astound researchers with their cognitive abilities.



4. The Valley of the Ravens (1997)

The Alm Valley, nestled near the Dead Mountains, is a solitary and captivating region. Winter brings an influx of curious creatures to the area surrounding the untamed animal sanctuary – up to 120 adolescent ravens flock together in search of stolen sustenance. This remarkable occurrence marks the largest known congregation of ravens in central Europe, making it a truly unique sight to behold.






The Best Free Documentaries About Crows


History is filled with secrets, and many of them will never be fully divulged. But the documentaries seen here attempt to uncover some of these secrets and reveal the hidden knowledge that has been kept from us for centuries. So take a look around and explore the great mysteries of our world! From the dawn of time, mankind has been captivated by mysterious events and unknown forces at play in our universe. Throughout history, people have tried to understand these phenomena through philosophy, religion, science, or even superstition – all while trying to unlock hidden truths about our existence. The documentaries featured on this site offer viewers a chance to dive into the depths of enigma and discover forgotten facts about our pasts as well as potential future predictions.


Crows are clever birds that can outsmart many other animals. In fact, their brain-to-body size ratio is the same as a 7 year old human. They’re capable of complex problem solving skills and show remarkable abilities in observation and memory recall. Crows have an amazing capacity for recognizing and storing faces, which might explain why they seem to remember us humans when we see them! They can also learn to imitate sounds and recognize symbols — such as traffic signs or shapes — with ease. Just like humans, crows have been known to fashion tools from sticks or other objects to help them find food more efficiently, much like a seven year old might craft together a makeshift fishing pole! Furthermore, by observing others at work, crows are able to pick up new skills quickly and effectively — showing a level of social intelligence similar to that of children. So the next time you see a crow, take a moment to consider how intelligent they really are – they might be wiser than you think! With their impressive problem-solving skills, memory recall abilities and advanced social understanding, it’s no wonder why crows are as smart as 7 year old humans.


Crows and ravens are fascinating creatures that have intrigued people for centuries. They are smart and resourceful, capable of learning new skills and adapting to their environment in ways that amaze us. In fact, they’re some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Crows can recognize individual humans by sight or sound, remember them, and even plan ahead for future interactions with them! Ravens have an incredible capacity for problem solving, often outsmarting other animals to get to food first.


This documentary is the perfect way to discover these remarkable creatures. From revealing behavior in their natural habitats to showing how they interact with humans, this production paints a unique portrait of corvids. By exploring the fascinating world of birds, you can come face-to-face with a side of nature that many seldom get to see. Unlock the secrets of the avian kingdom and explore the lives of corvids like never before! This captivating production is full of incredible tales featuring one of mankind’s most esteemed companions – from its predatory brilliance to its inspiring loyalty. Corvids are an extraordinary species that has long been held in awe by us humans, and now you can gain even more insight into their secret lives.


Corvids are among the most intelligent animals on Earth; they are able to remember, learn and communicate with each other. In the past, people have often associated Corvids with mysteries and omens of doom. In many cultures, crows are believed to bring bad luck or be a sign of death. However, over time their image has changed; today they are seen as symbols of resourcefulness and intelligence. With their impressive abilities such as problem-solving skills, tool use and communication skills these birds have managed to adapt successfully in human environments. Jackdaws live near castles all over Europe: The moated castle Hallwyl accommodates a Jackdaw colony since it was built around 1200. In the shaft of a medieval abortion a jackdaw couple build a nest. A Jackdaw also lives in the castle in Starnberg, and here Biologist and behavioral scientist Princess Augusta of Bavaria precisely examined the Jackdaws to investigate their highly developed intelligence.


The American crow is an amazing bird that is a delight to watch and appreciate. They are a species that has adapted well to our environment with their clever intelligence, some would even say they have become part of the human family. Let’s continue to enjoy these birds for many years to come, as we can learn much about them and their behavior through observation.


The documentary is by no means a complete, or necessarily definitive answer to the crow problem in Japan, but I hope it will provide some insight into the matter. For me personally, this has been an interesting and sometimes frustrating journey. On one hand the crows are both intriguing and annoying at the same time. It’s a bit of a bittersweet experience seeing these birds going about their daily lives. You might even feel some pity for them when they can’t find food – after all we should share this planet with other species! But then again, you can only take so much harassment from these rascals before you yearn for peace and quiet once more. Some days it feels like they rule over my cycle route more than I do. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore this world closely and share my experiences with everyone. Hopefully Crows in Japan will make you appreciate wildlife a bit more, and also understand why these birds can be such a nuisance sometimes!


Crows and their Corvidae family have an impressive ability to communicate with each other. They create a variety of different noises which are interpreted by the other birds, some of which may even be warnings. Each species has its own unique sounds that it can use to alert others about potential threats and food sources.

The intelligence of crows and ravens is truly extraordinary and they often surprise us with their complex cognitive abilities. Crows may not look like Einsteins but they’re just as smart in many ways, if not smarter. It’s no wonder these birds are so beloved by generations of people around the world.


The film traces the modern history of Minneapolis from when a small city was growing into a metropolitan area. It reveals how powerful forces drew lines between neighborhoods, and explains why these red lines were so damaging to Black communities. But it also illustrates that African Americans had a powerful impact in resisting this injustice — whether it was by working with legislators on policy reform or establishing grass-roots initiatives at the local level. What’s more, the documentary takes viewers through stories of African American families who believed strongly in their right to live where they wanted and build successful lives for themselves despite discrimination against them.


Mankind has always been fascinated by the intelligence of corvids, and this HD production reveals some amazing secrets. With the help of camera traps, drones, motion sensors and even trained ravens with video cameras strapped to their backs, scientists have managed to capture a unique view into the habitat of these birds. These spectacular images reveal which tools the birds create and use in order to survive in their environment. Furthermore, people can experience how they learn new tricks and behaviors from each other – an astonishing display of intelligence that is rarely seen elsewhere in nature! The world of corvids is filled with mystery but also wonder. From Alpine choughs who utilize acrobatics when escaping from predators to rook colonies which live peacefully in towns, this production gives an exciting glimpse into the lives of these amazing birds. With unique insights and thrilling images, people can experience the extraordinary intelligence and social dynamics of corvids as never before. Mankind has long been fascinated by the curious nature and superior intelligence of corvids – a family of birds which includes ravens, jackdaws, jays, hooded crows and Alpine choughs. Now, with the help of HD cameras, drones and even trained ravens wearing video backpacks, scientists have unlocked some incredible secrets about these mysterious creatures.




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