Sink Installation in a Bathroom: FindIng The Right Help With Video Tutorials

Feb 23, 2024 | Articles

The bathroom renovation comes to an end with the sink installation. Thus, you won’t have any hard time if you have the required instruments and the insight to repair them. In the subsequent section of the guide, we go to the right way of putting in a sink.


Correct Sink Height

Typically, sinks are installed at 30 to 35 inches (80 to 90 cm) from the floor. This is an average height that is comfortable for most people. However, when choosing a specific height, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of bathroom users. The best way to do it safely is to hire a home warranty company to do it quickly and easily.


Installing a Sink in the Cabinet

Hanging on a vanity is one of the easiest sink installation methods. The installation process may differ for each sink and vanity model, so please refer to the manuals that come with each separately. In general, the process of installing it can be described as follows:

  1. For cabinet assembly, use the installation manual that usually comes with it. Let the faucet go on the sink, and then screw it to the bottom of the sink with spacers, washers, and nuts. Set up the siphon and put it on top of the sink.
  2. To do the installation correctly, put the cabinet in the required place and install the sink without interfering with the supply hose or the drain. Fix it to the wall with anchor screws first by drilling through both the wall and tiles, or get the silicone adhesive.
  3. Connect the hydrant with supply lines to the water source, connect the siphon with the sewer, and turn on the water.

In the end, test for leaks and see if everything is tight.


Sink Installation on Brackets

For the bathroom or toilet sink, there are several options to choose from. Among all the brackets, mounting them on the wall is the easiest and most economical. The choice is quite suitable for those people who need more time to learn how to use complicated self-owned devices or consider the installation process an unbearable hassle.

Attach brackets to the wall by utilizing this drilling tool, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Before securing the brackets, ensure they are aligned and placed at an appropriate distance apart.

Hammer the brackets on the insulated walls, and then use the screws that mostly come along with these brackets to hang the sink. Scan whether the sink is supplied with a suitable level or height. If you feel any disturbance in the sink, add more seals to regain the balance.

Following the connection of the water piping to the sink with rubber garden hoses, pay attention to the sink working well without dripping.



Although wiring a sink may be a minor task, there are quite a few factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the sink is installed correctly and safely.

If you want to mount the sink in your bathroom, and you do not want to do the installation yourself, then call the experts. They will tell you all the details and make up an estimation for the work, and plumbers will immediately install any kind of sink and provide a guarantee for the work performed.

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