Rapunzel’s magical castle does exist, how can you find it?

Apr 27, 2022 | Articles, Travel

Located in South Africa, the Castle of Clarens is not a popular name that will get people’s juices flowing and excited. However, among the people, this castle is known as Rapunzel’s Castle, as the owners got the inspiration from Disney’s bellowed princess. The Castle was built after the Disney Movie aired. Anyone visiting the castle is in for a treat, as the Castle delivers true fairytale experience. The Castle is ideal for private retreats, as it has room for only four people. Rooms in the Tower are decorated with scenes from the story of Disney’s movie.

In the short history of the castle there have been many guests, and the Tower has already won TripAdvisor Top 10 Castle Hotels approval. Once you get into the castle, you get the feeling you are living in a Disney movie or a storybook. Located conveniently in the middle of a beautiful countryside, the Castle is unknown for many people. But that will change soon.

The décor

Located in the city Clarens, Rapunzel’s Castle is a place where “everything your inner child thought was just a fairytale can actually be found”. The décor of the hotel mimics a fantasyland, with decorations handpicked by the owners from various parts of the world. You will find something from Dubai, from Europe, from US and everywhere else.

Some of the main features are the majestic fireplace, the art galleries and the tapestries that resemble the Disney Movie Tangled.

The Rapunzel Tower Experience

The most popular accommodation among guests at the Castle of Clarens is the Rapunzel Tower. Staying at the tower offers a royality-like experience, with the entire castle at your disposal. The interior of the room in the Rapunzel Tower is stunning, with tapestries brought from Dubai, tiles from Europe, cornerstones from the Windsor Castle and much more quality work from all over the world.

Guests at the castle get a spectacular view of Mount Horeb. The garden is another venue designed specially to make your Rapunzel fairytale come true. Small pathways, thorns trees and vegetable garden make it all look real just like the famous Disney cartoon.

The tower can accommodate up to four people in two double bed rooms. Both rooms come with en-suite bathrooms. Simply put, the room is designed especially for royalty and guests that want to experience a fairytale vacation.

A Castle Made for Rapunzel

The Rapunzel Tower might get all the glory, but the Castle in Clarens offers much more than just a tower for a true princess like fairytale experience. Basically, the whole castle screams fairytale.

The sunset corner is another section of the Castle where guests can enjoy at the sun god. Decorated with small pieces of mosaic mirrors and glass, the sunset corner was carefully positioned to allow people to look directly at the sun for a moment.

The Princess Room is another room that is fit for a fairytale. Unlike the Tower room, the Princess room is positioned on the ground floor of the Tower, fitted with a queen size bed and decorated in a medieval theme. The experience is enhanced by some life-size mural paintings of Rapunzel and her Prince.

Last, but not least, the Chamber of Angels is the venue for braai (barbeque). Fitted under the eye of various angels that date back to the Gothic Era, the luxurious patio offers experience like nowhere else. And you get an Angel of the Sky to protect you.

How to Get There?

The city of Clarens is a small town located in the Maluti Mountains. In the foothills of the Mountains in the Free State province of South Africa, the city welcomes all guests. The city is also known as the “The Jewel of the Eastern Free State”. The city was first established in 1912 and received the name after the city Clarens in Switzerland. The city of Clarens is distanced 336km from Johannesburg, 389km from Durban and 284km from Bloemfontein.

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