Pros and Cons of Face-to-face Classes

Mar 1, 2024 | Articles, Education

When choosing what is more suitable for you, face-to-face classes or online education, it is always important to consider all pros and cons that each method has. There is no such thing that has only followers or only haters, the votes will always be divided, and it’s up to you to decide which is better.


Direct and quick contact with a teacher

For many people, one of the most important pros of face-to-face classes is the possibility of direct communication. Some people feel more comfortable talking to the teacher personally rather than through a computer screen. For others, the learning process seems more vivid and fluent when you’re in a class with other students. You can always raise your hand and ask a question, and in general, it’s easier to get teachers’ attention in the classroom than on the screen of their laptop, where they see only some pictures of the students and can hardly understand who wants to ask something.

Written paperwork

Of course, you will have to write paperwork regardless of the form of study. But when you attend face-to-face classes, the teachers have many different ways to check whether you understand the material or not; asking a couple of questions will be enough. But don’t expect that you will write one or two essays during the whole semester, and that’s it. No, you will anyway have to write a lot, so if you have problems with that, look for a reliable writing service. It is always very important to be sure that you will receive an essay of high quality and within the required deadline. To find a professional service, you can also check Good and the Bad of PaperHelp, where the author of the article saying is safe. We recommend doing it because no one wants to waste time and money for nothing, so just be careful, read reviews, like, for example, paperial reviews, and be ready to find a more reliable service if the ranking is low.

Concentration is usually better

One of the biggest pros of face-to-face classes is that when you sit in the class, it’s easier to stay focused and concentrate on your studies and the words of the teachers. In the case of online studies, you have so many opportunities to distract, for example, to check your accounts on some social networks or watch funny videos on Tik Tok or YouTube when the lecture, in your opinion, is not very interesting. When you are in the class, and the teacher is like two meters away from you, staring at your telephone will be much more difficult. So, face-to-face classes will give more benefits to those who lack the self-discipline to study online.

Stable timetable

The great thing about face-to-face classes is that you have a stable timetable, and you can plan your time after your studies. However, in many cases, when you study online or when you have some courses, different students can express their wishes regarding the time, frequency, and days of classes, so trying to coordinate everything and everyone usually becomes almost an impossible mission. But when you have offline classes, the timetable mostly depends on the university or school, so it means it won’t change a lot.

Internet and gadgets

It is almost impossible to imagine the process of education without using gadgets and the Internet. You have to Google some info and prepare some paperwork on your PC. But what if your computer is broken and will be ready only in a week, or you have some problem with WiFi? In such a case you will miss the classes. Of course, you can always search for information online, but many people remember the material better when they hear it, so face-to-face classes are better for them.




After the outbreak of Covid-19, which has affected all areas of our lives, we began to understand that health and safety during studies are as important as the quality of teaching. Suppose you visit face-to-face classes, the risk of getting sick increases as you are constantly contacting not only your teacher but also your classmates. And don’t forget about traveling to university or college. If you don’t have a car, you will directly or indirectly interact with hundreds of people, with or without vaccination. So, your health is becoming a matter of chance.

High price

Face-to-face education is quite expensive, which is why many students prefer online classes organized by different colleges or universities. You don’t have to invest a lot in such courses or classes as you can hold them on some free Internet platform and invite as many participants as you want. And you don’t have to be afraid of restrictions regarding mass events that might have a place in case of a pandemic.

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