Movies & Casinos: Boosting Popularity

Jul 18, 2023 | Articles, Gambling

Movies & Casinos: Boosting Popularity

Over the years, there has been a huge growth in the Canadian gambling industry, with numerous high-end casino games and several top casinos with 1 dollar deposit bonus. As a result, online gambling became more popular among Canadian players.

With the high number of Canadian players, this type of movie enjoyed massive attention from players of different skill levels. In this article, we will discuss several movies that have featured online casinos and gambling themes and the reasons for the popularity of these movies; read more.


5 Top Gambling Movies

The growth in the online casino market caught the attention of film producers, and they tapped into the opportunity. Due to this, movies with casino games and gambling themes were created. Below are some of the best gambling movies with casino gaming storylines, including:

  • Uncut Gems, 2020
  • The Gambler, 1974
  • Molly’s Game, 2019
  • The Hustler, 1961
  • The Card Counter, 2021

Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is a gambling movie produced in 2020. Despite its recent release, this movie became popular due to its interesting storyline and amazing sound effect. Contrary to his usual humorous roles, Adane Sandler played Howard Rather in this movie.

A New York City-based jeweller with a terrible gambling addiction. Rayner meets Kevin Garnett, a popular NBA player, through a series of events and develops a professional relationship with him. Ratner places a wager on the NBA finals with the help of insider information.

As a gambling addict, Ratner has a lot of debt to settle, but if he wins this wager, his troubles will be resolved. However, Ratner’s hope may be shattered as some loan sharks run the risk of destroying everything.


The Gambler

The Gambler was produced in 1974, and James Toback’s problematic gambling behaviour inspired the movie. He featured in the movie as Axel Freed and played out his gambling addiction. Despite Greed’s love of books, his persona is lost, ruthless, and obsessed with gambling. Due to this behaviour, his wealthy family disapproves of him despite having a $44000 debt to settle.

In the hopes of landing a massive win, Freed relocates to Las Vegas. The movie was appreciated as it focuses on the negative consequences of obsessive online casino gaming. Therefore, despite Freed’s gambling-dependent lifestyle, turning it into a movie is a risk worth taking.


Molly’s Game

This is another interesting gambling movie released in 2017. Usually, gambling movies are with male lead actors while women are either relegated to the roles of a stereotypical harlot with a good heart or romantic roles. This is the contrary in Molly’s Game. This movie adopts an entirely different strategy by featuring the story of a lady, Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain).

She is into the business of managing poker business for affluent and popular persons in Hollywood. Her business lets famous and wealthy people meet and gamble with other rich people. The business is going on smoothly until there is a disruption by the FBI and threatens her multi-million business operation. Molly’s Game grew in popularity because Jessica Chastain played the role so well.


The Hustler

This is a classic casino and gambling movie released in 1961. The Hustler tops the list of gambling movies during its era because it featured pool as the primary form of gambling. However, due to the emergence of other forms of casino games and gambling, the Hustler has lost its popularity in recent years.

Notwithstanding, the Library of Congress 1997 selected this movie to be preserved in the National Film Registry. This is due to the outstanding performances delivered by characters like:

  • Jackie Gleason
  • George C. Scott
  • Paul Newman
  • Piper Laurie

Also, the Academy film saved this movie in their archive to ensure generations to come can also access and enjoy it. Therefore, this shows The Hustler is a quality work of art.


The Card Counter

The Card Counter is the movie written by the renowned screenplay writer Paul Schrader, who also wrote the popular movie ‘Taxi Driver.’ Paul Schrader is known for featuring harsh and severe characters in his movies, and The Card Counter movie is no exception. Although this movie is about gambling, it focuses more on pain, sorrow, and gruesomeness. The Card Counter is a combination of gambling and action. Additionally, this movie gained the attention of gamblers as it features the world series of poker tournaments.


Reasons for the Popularity of Gambling Movies

Here are some of the reasons why online casino and gambling-based movies are popular among Canadian casino players.

Illustration of Glamorous Lifestyle

Online casino movies are popular for featuring exciting lifestyles surrounded by glitz, luxury, and wealth. This lifestyle is completely different from the routine lifestyle of ordinary people. Notwithstanding, these movies portray gamblers purchasing expensive items like jewellery, gold watches, and glittering objects with the winnings they receive from casinos.

Also, the scenes of these movies depict glamour as it uses Las Vegas, where there are lots of vibrant light and colour that make everything look brighter. Since the majority of people are curious about the elite lifestyle, the depiction of these lifestyles in online casino-based movies makes it popular.

Excitement and Thrills of Movies

There is a common trend of being able to predict the end of a movie within 10 minutes of watching. This is not the case with casino movies. They are adventurous and exciting. These movies are full of suspense as they feature climatic scenes that make viewers engage actively throughout the movie.

More so, viewers find these movies more thrilling because they are performances they can easily connect with. Without having the intention to, movies about online casinos trigger emotions and leave lasting impressions of viewers.

Fulfilment of Players’ Imaginations

The wish of every online casino player is to place bets with a small amount and have a huge jackpot win. Therefore, casino movies are popular as they help viewers watch the realization of their imaginations. The characters in these casino movies perform roles that help the fantasies of the players come true.

Fun and Enjoyable Moments of Movies

Casino movies are sometimes with important and action-filled storylines. Nevertheless, the majority of these casino movies offer plenty of enjoyment and laughs as they are humorous. You can hear several hilarious jokes because the characters are incredibly humorous and witty. Therefore, casino sites movies are popular because when people are not playing online slots, it is another better way to unwind and have fun.

Remember to Gamble Safely

Please note that the movies do not accurately portray reality. Therefore, do not assume that recreating all the performances of these movies will give you the same results as depicted. Also, you should always play casino games and gamble responsibly, as deliberate activity is considerably more effective than impulsive behaviour. Hence, if you notice you’re battling gambling addiction and you find it difficult to stop, you can seek assistance at the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC). Also, you can follow these tips:


Set a budgetEstablish a specific amount of money you can afford to gamble with and stick to it
Limit your timeAllocate a predetermined duration for your gambling sessions to prevent excessive play
Know the oddsUnderstand the probability of winning or losing in different games before placing bets
Don’t chase lossesAvoid the temptation to recover losses by increasing bets, as it can lead to further losses
Take breaksRegularly take breaks from gambling to maintain a clear mind and avoid impulsive decisions


Online casinos and gambling movies are a good mix. While playing slot games gives you a pleasurable online casino experience, you can also watch gambling movies to unwind and explore the world of gaming from a different angle. Therefore, gambling movies have grown in popularity over the years for the reasons mentioned in this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are gambling movies popular?

Gambling movies are another way of entertainment for players when they are not playing games or gambling in an online casino. Hence, they see it as a means of escape.

Which is a female gambling movie?

Molly’s Game is a top casino movie with a female lead actor, Jessica Chastain. She changed the narrative of relegating women to a certain role in gambling movies.

Which gambling movie is the most interesting?

People have different choices. Nevertheless, you can check out the different gambling movies we have mentioned in this article to know which one suits your preference.

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