Japan – the Home of World’s Most Beautiful Festivals Including Cherry Blossom Lantern Festival

Aug 31, 2022 | Articles, Performing Arts

Japan, or the country famously known as “the country where the Sun rises” is home of some of the most beautiful festivals. During the whole year, Japan is overwhelmed with colorful festivals, parades and much more. Some of the festivals celebrate Japanese culture, while others are celebrate times of the year. And when it comes to festivals, we cannot start without mentioning three of the top 10 festivals in the world, all three of which are held in Japan. Those are „Cherry Blossom Lantern Festival“, „The Fuji Shibazakura Festival“, and the „Winter Light Festival“.

Cherry Blossom Lantern Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the country. Japan celebrates the entire season of the cherry blossoms, with festivals in every part of the country. In some parts of Japan, parks are decorated with lanterns and there is food available. The cherry blossom festival is arguably one of the largest spectator events in the country, with parades organized in cities that run up to 10 blocks.

What you can expect to see during the cherry blossom festival aside from cherry blossoms and parades are colorful helium balloons, marching bands, celebrity entertainers, elaborate floats and performers.

What is interesting that cherry blossoms festivals across Japan are organized in different times of the year. Almost every city has its own timeframe for the festival.

For example, the festival in Okinawa takes place from late January, and runs through mid February. In Matsuyama city, on the other hand, the festival takes place in April. One of the most interesting festivals is held in Matsue City, Shimane, where the cherry blossoms trees are illuminated at night. In the middle of April, the festival in Tsuyama city takes place, and is one of the rare festival with Japanese tea ceremonies and lots of performers from the music industry.

The Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Also known as the flower festival, the Fuji Shibazakura festival is a unique in almost every sense of the word. The festival starts in mid April, and lasts until late May. It is then when more than 800,000 shibazakura, or “moss phlox” bloom in a site at Mount Fuji. The bloom of the flowers gives Mount Fuji special, pink color. The unique contrast of colors if visible from the base of the mountain, but the best way to experience is to visit the site. The venue is located approximately three kilometers south of Lake Motosuko. It is there where shibazakura bloom in five different colors, producing hues of pink, purple and white. The venue is accessible via public busses, shuttle busses and cars. If you are going there with a car, make sure to bring money for parking. Due to the crowded place, it is advisable to avoid the venue during weekends and Golden Week holidays.

Winter Light Festival

For most people, the Winter Lights Festival is associated with Reykjavik. However, Japan is also home for the Winter Light Festival, a time in the year when the long winter days are illuminated during the festival. Japan’s Winter Light Festival features the famous tunnel of light, which is the highlight of the festival. The Winter Light Festival in Japan is located in Kuwana City. During the festival, a flower-focused park is illuminated, and the park features lots of gardens and giant greenhouses. During the festival, restaurants in the city are crowded with tourists. Every year, Japan invests more than 7 million LED lights to illuminate the gardens and the sky in Kuwana City. The festival runs from early November up to late March.

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