How to Promote Your Documentary Film on the Internet

Oct 4, 2022 | Art, Articles, Media, Technology

The process of promoting a film by including distributors can be very costly especially if you are a beginner in the industry. However, through internet you can find several ways that do not require distributors. The first place you can start is by uploading trailers on video sharing sites such YouTube where other people can view the film and get information on where to view it. This method is the simplest of them all because all you need is to create an account for yourself where you will be sharing your projects. There are many other video sharing websites where you can do the same such as Vimeo and many others. After loading the film successfully, to make sure that it is visible amongst other video files on such platforms, you can share the link on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook or even send the link through email to your friends and family and other networks that are relevant. This way the viewers will just have to click the link and view the documentary film trailer online. If you have access to other online platforms such as blogs that are relevant to your film niche, you can also use them to promote your film link and have other people see it.

To be able to earn some good money while distributing the actual film, you can use online options that enable you earn some income such as Video On Demand (VOD). This method however requires a lot of marketing to enable as many people see and buy your film online. Other options are Google AdWords and Facebook ads that earn you income for every viewership of the film or purchase of the film online. However, these last two methods can be very tricky and so you might need a professional to assist you with them so as to not infringe any protection rights of the companies offering the services such as Google. You can also create fan pages for your movie on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace among others. Use a still picture of the film as the profile photo and include other still pictures of yourself and the documentary film for fans to view. This will not enable people or followers to buy from such sites but it will market the film and make them want to search for it elsewhere and buy it.

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