How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

Feb 29, 2024 | Articles, Education

What could be easier than writing an essay? Of course, this question is asked by most experienced students who have created hundreds of papers. But what if you have just stepped onto the academic path and are afraid to take the wrong step? Then you should know about five common essay writing problems and how to overcome them.

  1. Lack of Time

Most students know how difficult it is to find time to craft homework or essays. What if your daily activities take up too much of your time? Learn to schedule and follow a pre-made plan! This approach will allow you to avoid most of the pitfalls.

But what if even a well-planned plan doesn’t allow you to reserve at least an hour for writing activities? Then you should find a reliable writing service and delegate your papers. Surely you will ask, “Is this sevice a scam?” Check honest reviews, and you’ll know which companies you can trust.

  1. Poor Preparations

Many young students are overconfident. They think they can start crafting essays and other papers without any preparation. But brainstorming, searching for relevant sources, drafts, and outline routines help bypass most academic pitfalls. Don’t be overconfident. Try to prepare for writing activities in advance. As a rule, 30-60 minutes is enough to find most of the information for any essay. You can easily reschedule your hobbies, meetings with friends, or other activities, so this is not a problem. But you are unlikely to be happy when you get a low grade because of your unwillingness to sit at the computer for 30 minutes longer.

  1. Panic

Panic is a typical writing problem, especially if you need to craft a tricky essay. Many students ask themselves, “Where should I start the writing process? Where will I look for information? What if my skills are not enough? As you can see, panic can seize you at any moment, especially if you are unsure about your academic skills.

As a rule, the best solution to such a problem is in practice. The more you write your papers, the lower your level of panic will be. In addition, you can delegate your paper to professional writers and check which academic aspects are most important for students. But where to find a professional writing service? Check study bay for answers to all your questions.

  1. Weak Thesis Statement

As a rule, most essay problems arise because students cannot craft a solid thesis statement. Therefore, as a general rule, you should ask a question about your topic, write your initial answer, and develop your answer by including reasons. In other words, you should remember approaches for crafting a solid thesis statement in order not to be afraid of writing activities.

  1. Writer’s Block

As a rule, such a problem occurs due to overwork, so take a break. Relax, switch to other activities, or pay attention to loved ones. What’s more, take up your hobbies, and you’ll be able to get back to writing more quickly. Sometimes even a thirty-minute break is enough to overcome writer’s block.



As you can see, there is nothing easier than overcoming writing problems. As a student, you have a lot of good ideas for boosting your academic performance, so don’t stop there. Any obstacle is an experience that will allow you not to go astray, no matter what happens. Don’t be afraid to move forward; you will see positive results.


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