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The universe is composed out of matter, energy, space and time. Our planet is just a miniature dot, composed out of energy and matter, in an endless space of the universe. There is a vast number of amazing occurrences in the universe and we have only discovered a small fraction of them.



Here are some great facts about the huge island of matter and energy, called a galaxy, that we live in. Galaxies are spiraling whirlpools of matter and energy, which are like small oases in the vast empty spaces of our universe. We live in one such galaxy, which we call the Milky Way.

We provided a number of facts about the tremendous island of energy and matter, known as the galaxy, in which we live in. They represent a spiraling whirlpool of energy and matter, which are similar to little desert springs in the immense unfilled spaces of our universe. We live in one such spring, known as the Milky Way.

A light year is a measuring unit for the distance which light travels in one year and its formula is 9.4605284 × 1015 meters. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is measured to 100.000 light years in diameter. The thickness is around 1000 light years. It is consisted of over 400 billion stars similar to the Sun.

It is estimated that the universe contains around 100 billion galaxies similar to ours. The neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, is about 2.6 million light years from Milky Way. These two galaxies are approaching each other and it is estimated that they will collide in about a billion years.

A black hole is located in the center of every galaxy, including our own. L:

Black Hole

The formation of these strange objects begins when a large star collapses due to the influence of gravity change and that process creates a hole in the space time fabric. Its gravitational grip is so powerful that nothing can escape being pulled in, including light.

The “Event Horizon” is the name for the black hole boundary. Its surface size is proportional to the disorder inside the black hole or its entropy. Contrary to its name, a black hole is not quite black. The back emission is called “Hawking Radiation” and it gradually vanishes. L:


A rotating neutron star emitting electromagnetic radiation with a large magnetic field is called a Pulsar. They originate from the core explosion of a supernova.

It is similar to a lighthouse due to the periodical occurrence, rotating and appearing in intervals from 1.4 to 8.5 milliseconds. They are emitting radiation while rotating.

The radiation which Pulsars emit was confused for an alien signal upon their discovery. The first emission was labeled as “LGM” or little green men. L:


Or Quasi-stellar objects are galaxies, first mistaken for stars, which travel almost as fast as light. They are considered to have the greatest energy potential and output, surpassing any other object in the universe.

The energy of a Quasar is more than a trillion times higher than our Sun. A massive black hole is at the center of a Quasar and the matters such as dust and gas which are being drawn into this enormous black hole are responsible for the high energy output. L:


The complexity and grandeur of our universe is easily observed through a telescope. Hopefully this article has sparked or rekindled your interest in the vast spaces in which our planet is but a dot.

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