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Is It Good For You?

The legend says that the ancestors of the Oromo people from Northeast Africa first discovered a highly potent and energizing potion made from the seeds of the Coffea plant. The actual growth place of coffee in Africa at that time remains a mystery. The first written record of the use of coffee in a way similar to the way we use it today, dates back as far as the 15th century. At that time, in the region of Mocha in Yemen, Arabia, in the Sufi Muslim monasteries, people have first roasted and brewed coffee seeds.


To a great number of people, drinking coffee represents a part of the everyday routine and a much needed kick start in the morning. Though it is a drink of choice for many of us, the consumption of coffee has its positive and negative effects. It directly affects our mood and health. In order to demonstrate the effects of coffee consumption, we will give you the advantages and disadvantages in regard of the number of cups that are consumed per day.

One cup per day

When consumed in this quantity, coffee regulates the blood pressure and effects positively on the blood vessels. Coffee is an excellent antioxidant and stimulates brain activity. However, a single cup of coffee can easily interfere with your sleep due to the fact that it takes up to eight hours in order for the body to process this amount of coffee. It is recommended to avoid coffee intake in the afternoon.

Two cups per day

When taken in this amount, coffee can prevent Alzheimer`s disease by increasing the amount of protein in the brain, thus preventing memory loss. This amount of coffee can also increase the energy levels in the body and it is best consumed 30 minutes before an energy demanding activity. On the other hand, this amount of coffee can disrupt the production of cortisol and adrenaline and it is not recommended during pregnancy due to the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Three cups per day

The effect of this amount of coffee intake is proven to be positive in the prevention of the gall stone formation in men and the prevention of ovarian cancer in women. This amount of coffee increases the risk of heart attack and is not recommended to people with pre existing heart conditions.

Four cups per day

The amount of caffeine in four cups is 400 milligrams and it represents a extremely potent antioxidant able to fight a number of cancers, diabetes t2 and it also cleanses the body. Unfortunately, this amount of coffee can cause severe mood disorders and rheumatoid arthritis.

Five cups per day

The latest research indicates that this amount of coffee is able to prevent liver disease. At the same time it increases the risk of osteoporosis due to the calcium absorption by caffeine.

Six cups per day

The risk of skin cancer is reduced by 31% due to the antioxidants that regenerate and protect skin cells. The side effects of this amount of coffee intake are nausea, dehydration, high blood pressure, increased stress and cardiovascular disease.


We have shown you the effects of coffee consumption, from the beneficial properties to the hazardous ones. Although most of us enjoy a good cup of coffee, the consequences that it may have is definitely something to think about. Of course, there are also a number of benefits, especially health wise, which make the consumption of coffee justified and most pleasurable. The choice is up to you!

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