A Personal Review of Super Size Me Documentary

Oct 20, 2022 | Articles, Food/Drink

The documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary candidly shows the effects of eating three square meals of nothing but McDonald for a month. He eats everything on the menu at least once. The effects of this kind of eating become visible within just a few days. He puts on weight, he faces various health problems and severe side effects that include unfavorable effects on his sexual life and emotional well being. The documentary is at times crude – the viewer gets to see him vomit after a super size Big Mac meal and even gets to witness a rectal examination.

Apart from showing the effects of what this kind of eating can do to the body and mind, he also gives an investigative report of the effects it has on children. He shows the way in which children are bombarded with information and images about McDonalds and the way these images influence the children in eating food that results in obesity, diabetes and other ailments that were until now something that affected only adults.
Fast food influences behavioral patterns. A fact reiterated by the reduction in violence in a juvenile delinquent school after shifting to a healthier lunch program.

The narrative style and the way the whole documentary is made in a very easygoing way and the humor makes it more interesting.

The fact that he himself has subjected himself to this experiment makes it even more intriguing and effective. Throughout the thirty-day experiment period, he has a team of highly qualified doctors checking his health parameters.

The highly adverse effects include severe headaches, depression, severe mood swings, eighteen pounds weight gain, chest palpitations, high cholesterol and eventually even liver failure. He gains 9.5 pounds (about 4.5kg) after just five days of eating supersize meals with French fries and coke. All the effects are captured on camera and there are no gimmicks whatsoever.

Interesting statistics backed by scientific research and the views of a cross-section of people, including his girlfriend who is a vegan chef, nutritionists, doctors, corporate lobbyists, and consumers, make this crisply edited and well-made documentary highly effective. It is a documentary that is sure to make you think twice maybe even thrice before you buy your next McDonalds meal or pack a fast-food lunch for your child.
This documentary not only shows the drastic effects of eating nothing but fast food from McDonalds for thirty days but also about the influence of the greedy corporate sector of the food industry. This documentary highlights the hold the fast food industry has over the minds of the young and old alike and how, in spite of knowing something’s ill effects and low nutrition level, people still want it.

He begins the 30-day experimentation as a physically fit person, a fact certified by his personal trainer. At the end of the period, he suffers from a range of life threatening problems; problems that not one of doctors that are with him, namely, a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, a general practitioner and nutritionist thought would be that drastic.

This documentary is indeed a wakeup call for all those indulging in fast food even though they know the consequences and the effects it has on the body and mind.

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Thomas B.