7 of the Most Influential SEO Experts in the World Today.

Jun 15, 2022 | Articles, Technology


When it comes to SEO, the competition is fierce. With numerous experts vying for a spot in the top 7, it can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to getting your website optimized for search engine rankings. Luckily, we have done the work for you and compiled a list of the top 7 SEO experts in the world. These experts have proven their worth time and again with successful campaigns and strategies that have helped countless companies reach their goals. Read on to learn more about each of these professionals and why they are considered some of the best in the business.

Definition of SEO and its importance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing webpages and content in order to improve their visibility in search engine results pages. It involves a variety of techniques, including content optimization, link building, page speed optimization and website structure. SEO can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase their online presence and reach new customers. By optimizing websites for organic search engine rankings, businesses can get more exposure and build trust with potential customers.

List of Top 7 SEO Experts

1. Neil Patel – Founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics: Neil Patel has been at the forefront of digital marketing since 2005 when he launched his first company — Crazy Egg — which provides user testing services for websites. He is now known as one of the world’s leading SEO experts, having consulted for some of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon, Microsoft and NBC.

2. Rand Fishkin – Founder of Moz: Rand Fishkin is considered a giant in the SEO industry and is a major advocate for best practices in organic search engine optimization. In 2004 he co-founded Moz, one of the most successful marketing software companies with an active subscription base of over 35,000 users worldwide. He currently serves as CEO at SparkToro, which provides deep insights into target markets using AI technologies.

3. Bruce Clay – Founder & President of Bruce Clay Inc.: Bruce Clay has been involved in SEO since 1996 when he founded Bruce Clay Inc., a leading SEO agency. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies” and has been featured in many publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

4. Eric Enge – CEO of Stone Temple Consulting: Eric Enge is a well-known figure in search engine optimization circles and is currently the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, which provides comprehensive SEO services to top businesses around the world. He has spoken at numerous events on topics related to digital marketing and holds several patents in the field.

5. Danny Sullivan – Founding Editor of Search Engine Land: Danny Sullivan is one of the most influential figures in search engine marketing. He is the founding editor of Search Engine Land, a leading industry publication and has been featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

6. Aleyda Solis – International SEO Consultant: Aleyda Solis is an internationally acclaimed SEO consultant with experience working for top companies like Moz, Distilled and Sitecore. She is also the founder of Orainti, which provides custom tailored strategic advice on how to optimize websites for organic search engine rankings.

7. Bill Slawski – President & CEO of Go Fish Digital: Bill Slawski is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Google algorithms and their impact on SEO. He is the President and CEO of Go Fish Digital, a digital marketing agency providing services for businesses looking to maximize their online visibility through search engine optimization.

What does an SEO Agency Do?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital component of any successful digital marketing strategy. But what does an SEO agency do to help businesses optimize their websites for organic search engine rankings? An SEO agency provides comprehensive digital marketing services that focus on improving website visibility in organic search results, increasing web traffic and conversions, and ultimately improving ROI. By utilizing keyword research & analysis, content optimization, link building, page speed optimization and website structure auditing techniques and strategies, an SEO agency can help businesses reach their goals of increased online visibility and improved performance.


The top 7 SEO experts in the world are Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Bruce Clay, Eric Enge, Danny Sullivan, Aleyda Solis and Bill Slawski. They all provide valuable insight into SEO practices that help businesses improve their organic search engine rankings and increase visibility online. An SEO agency provides comprehensive services that help businesses optimize websites for search engines and maximize their web traffic through organic search results. With the expertise of these top 7 SEO experts and an experienced SEO agency, businesses can reach their goals of increased sales and improved ROI.

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