Treasure Planet: Disney’s Biggest Mistake

Jan 10, 2024 | Art, Videos

Ron Clements and John Musker have revolutionized the landscape of feature animation, and profoundly impacted the Walt Disney Company in the 1990s. With iconic films such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, they earned immense recognition for their artistic talent, smashing box office records and earning countless Oscars. However, all this fame came crashing down when they released Treasure Planet in 2002.

Treasure Planet: Disney’s Biggest Mistake is a captivating documentary that shines a light on the long history of this monumental flop. From interviews with key figures to behind-the-scenes footage, viewers will get an in-depth look at how one of Disney’s most ambitious projects ended up as its biggest failure.

The documentary provides insight into the production process of Treasure Planet, delving into issues that arose during its development such as creative differences between directors and producers. Viewers also gain exclusive access to never-before-seen materials like storyboards, character designs, sketches, test reels and interview clips from cast members like Joseph Gordon Levitt who voiced “Jim Hawkins” in the film.

Whether you consider yourself a die-hard Disney fan or simply enjoy learning about film production processes, you’re sure to find something interesting in this documentary that is both informative and entertaining. So don’t miss out on your chance to explore Treasure Planet: Disney’s Biggest Mistake!

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David B