The Mystery of Picasso

Dec 10, 2023 | Art, Videos

Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1956 documentary, The Mystery of Picasso (Le Mystère Picasso), is an ambitious exploration of the creative process which seeks to uncover what lies at the heart of all artistic creation. Through a captivating 75 minutes, Clouzot follows Picasso as he produces 20 original works and delves into the mystery behind his painting.

The Mystery of Picasso is a fascinating insight into one of history’s most influential and prolific artists. It brings viewers close to the artist himself, allowing us to see his unique approach as he works in his studio. We get to observe him brainstorm ideas for new works, experiment with shapes and colours, and bring his visions to life on canvas. We get to witness snippets of conversations between him and friends, often peppered with meaningful musings about art itself.

Clouzot has managed to capture so much more than just Picasso’s process; we are given a glimpse into the core truth of art-making that paints in broad strokes all that goes into an artwork’s creation. His dedication to exploring this concept earned The Mystery of Picasso an Academy Award nomination for best Documentary Feature in 1957 – further testament to its power and relevance nearly 65 years later.

Watching The Mystery of Picasso will be an education like no other; it offers an unparalleled opportunity for viewers to discover more about this iconic figure’s creative process while also gaining invaluable insights into art production itself. Whether you’re already familiar with Picasso or brand new to his work, this documentary promises an enlightening experience that should not be missed!

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David B