Paper Clips

Jul 9, 2024 | Art

This emotionally gripping documentary, set in the rural town of Whitwell, Tennessee, is a must-watch for all. It tells the story of a middle-school class taking on an ambitious project to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of World War II’s Holocaust. The class collects paper clips, with each clip representing a life lost in Nazi Germany’s systematic slaughter of Jews.

What started out as a seemingly small and straightforward project grows into something far greater over time. As the students learn more about the victims and their stories, they gain not only an appreciation for what happened but also a deep reverence for humanity and its fragility. The students’ journey gives audiences an understanding of some of history’s darkest moments, as well as inspiring hope and courage in facing our own struggles today.

This documentary is an emotionally charged yet hopeful exploration of one group’s efforts to understand and remember one of the most significant tragedies in human history. Although it was modestly produced, it packs an emotional punch like few documentaries can – which makes it all the more worth watching.

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David B