Guatemala, Through Flooded Mountains

Jun 26, 2023 | Art, Culture, Environmental, People, Videos

In Guatemala, traveling by bus is an adventure unlike any other. Passengers embark on old American buses with uncertainty regarding the reliability of the vehicles, yet remain undaunted and take on the journey with a characteristic Latin spirit. The roads they travel are often mountain tracks plagued by floods and landslides, but they know that if they keep their cool, they can make it to their destination.

The documentary “Never Get Upset” follows the everyday struggles of bus drivers and passengers in Guatemala as they fight their way through these treacherous roads. Director Sidney Hernández-López provides a unique perspective into this world through his camera lens as these travelers exhibit remarkable resilience in the face of danger.

The film captures deep and meaningful conversations between passengers who share stories of life, love, loss and hope as they wait for their buses to arrive at muddy stations in the middle of nowhere. In one instance, a passenger describes how being part of a community during such difficult times brings joy to him despite his financial hardship. In another scene, two friends discuss why they want to stay in Guatemala instead of migrating elsewhere in search for better opportunities – illustrating how people’s attachment to their homeland remains strong despite its many limitations.

Hernández-López’s documentary allows us an intimate look into this unique mode of transportation – providing us with vivid shots of landscapes along winding roads while exploring themes like identity, patriotism, faith and resilience among those who use buses as their only means of transport. “Never Get Upset” takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave them feeling inspired by these courageous individuals determined to reach their destinations no


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