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May 21, 2023 | Art, Culture, Lifestyle, People, Travel, Videos

The Mighty Lake Tanganyika: A Journey Like No Other

Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania is the second largest lake in the world by volume and depth, and holds mysteries beneath its deep blue waters that have yet to be uncovered. For locals living on its shores, the lake is a lifeline – but crossing it is an adventure like no other.

Traders and passengers have two options to cross the massive lake: a bone-rattling 20-hour journey on a pickup truck down a road riddled with potholes, or a 3-day voyage on the Liemba, a cargo ship built in Germany in 1913 that is now the oldest passenger ship in the world still in service.

On the Liemba, traders try to transport their goods to market on time, but the ship’s aging engines struggle against strong headwinds and torrential rain disrupts the journey. The Liemba’s Congolese captain fights to maintain order on board as passengers crowd onto the deck.

This fascinating journey on the Liemba was documented in the 1976 film “The Great Journey on the Liemba”, which offers a glimpse into the lives of locals who depend on Lake Tanganyika for their livelihood. The film is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the human experience of traveling through this unique part of the world. From the Liemba’s historical charm to the stunning backdrop of Lake Tanganyika, the journey is unforgettable.

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