The Caucasus: At the Crossroads of Europe and Asia

Aug 23, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, History, Nature, People, Videos

The Caucasus region has been a topic of contention for quite some time. With the fall of the USSR in 1991, it became a highly contested territory among three autocratic regimes: Russia, Turkey, and Iran. All three countries have competing interests in the region due to its abundance of both oil and gas resources. As such, the Caucasus has become a nations’ playground with each country vying to increase their stake in the area.

In order to gain an understanding of this volatile region, National Geographic released a documentary titled ‘Oil Curse on the Edge’ which takes an objective look at how the three nations are managing their respective interests in the Caucasus. Through interviews with leaders from Russia, Turkey and Iran, as well as prominent figures from within the oil industry, it explores how these countries are managing their power over this valuable asset – and how corruption is still rife amongst those looking to exploit it.

The documentary also looks into how local citizens are being affected by what is happening around them, as well as potential solutions towards mitigating further tensions between all involved parties. This film offers viewers an insight into one of world’s most contested areas and paints a sobering picture of what is occurring today in this turbulent corner of our world.

We encourage you to watch this captivating documentary to gain a better understanding of just what is taking place in the Caucasus region and why it has become such a source of contention between three nations. It is sure to provide you with insight into one of world’s most complex geopolitical conflicts and will leave you feeling more aware and informed about this important issue.

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David B