The 7 Best Documentaries About Wombats

Nov 21, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

If you’ve ever been curious about wombats and their interesting behaviors, then you’ll be delighted to hear that there are now seven premiere documentaries available featuring these intriguing creatures. From humorous stories of their antics in the wild to captivating insights into their lifestyles, these films will surely captivate your attention and leave you wanting to learn more. Whether for entertainment or educational purposes, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore these amazing documentaries about wombats. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready for a wild ride!


1. Wombats Look Like Real Life Ewoks

Our latest documentary about wombats highlights the heroic tales of these amazing marsupials. From their resilience during bushfires to their playful nature, the film is sure to capture your heart and make you smile. See up close how Wombats forage for food, fight for territory and play with each other in truly unique ways. Plus, join us on Patreon for exclusive episodes that take you behind the scenes and learn more about the lives of these extraordinary creatures. From their social tendencies to their sleeping habits, there is so much to love and discover about Wombats. So join us on this amazing journey, and let’s see what we can learn together!


2. 10 Minutes of Wild Wombats

Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria, Australia is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts seeking to catch a glimpse of the world-famous common wombat. These furry creatures inhabit the area thanks to its abundance of natural resources and have become an iconic symbol of the region. From their curious personalities to entertaining habits, wombats offer visitors something special and unique. If you’re lucky enough, you might even stumble across a mother wombat with her joey in tow. What makes these creatures so remarkable is their resilience and ability to adapt to changing conditions. Despite the effects of urbanization and pollution, common wombats are able to thrive in environments that would otherwise be inhospitable for other species.


3. Wombats of Warrandyte

Warrandyte is home to a unique and diverse array of wildlife. Among them, the Wombats have been living in this area for centuries, their presence being strongly protected by Parks Victoria and Friends of Warrandyte. Astroswanny takes us on an intimate journey through the Warrandyte wilderness – uncovering some of its secrets along the way. From rare glimpses of some of the feral animals, to an intimate look at the lives of its abundant native Wombats. This stunningly-photographed mini-documentary offers us a chance to explore and appreciate everything this remarkable area has to offer. A must see for all wildlife enthusiasts!


4. The Wombat Whisperer | 101 East

They call Donna Stepan the Wombat Whisperer. She is known for her deep understanding and affection for the animal, as she dedicates her life to protecting them in Australia. Her special animal sanctuary provides a safe refuge for injured or orphaned wombats. Though Donna loves these creatures deeply, she expresses a sobering warning: Without urgent action, wombats could become critically endangered in just two decades. This tragic fate is due to the devastating and contagious parasitic disease known as sarcoptic mange. Donna sadly reports that the problem has been getting worse every single year; with more and more areas being affected by this deadly sickness. In an effort to spread awareness about protecting these beloved marsupials, 101 East has launched an investigation into the ongoing struggle for their survival. We hope that through this important documentary, more people will be moved to action in order to save these amazing creatures.


5. Wombat Rescue: Workshop- Introduction to Mange in Wombats

The workshop’s main focus was An Introduction to Mange in Wombats and it went into great detail about what mange is, how to spot the difference between mange-inflicted wounds versus bite-marks on wombats, actionable steps people can take when they find injured or manged wombats, and the contact information for who to reach out to in these situations. The workshop also debunked many of the myths surrounding wombat mange. From explaining why mange isn’t a contagious disease, to clearing up any confusion about whether or not it can be treated. Attendees of this workshop took away valuable knowledge that will help them contribute to the preservation of Australia’s beloved marsupials.


6. Kratts Creatures 35 – Koalas & Wombats

This is a journey of discovery with the Kratt brothers! Chris and Martin are passionate explorers who take us on an eight-day adventure in Australia, searching for the egg-laying mammals that make up some of the most unique species on our planet. With Allison, their trusty tour guide, they attempt to recreate the travels of Don Estoban, a famous Spanish explorer who once ventured across the continent. Combining scientific knowledge with their enthusiasm, Chris and Martin uncover some incredible facts about wombats and koalas – two closely related marsupials who have evolved in vastly different ways. Ttark serves as an entertaining reminder that there’s still much more to learn from these mysterious creatures! Join them on their wild escapades as they uncover the secrets of Australia’s amazing wildlife.



Coyote Peterson is on a mission to meet one of Australia’s most iconic marsupials – the Wombat! Wombats are native to many parts of the continent, and although they look quite harmless, these chubby little animals can be quite feisty if disturbed. Fortunately, Coyote has some carrots and leafy greens in his pocket and is ready to make a new friend! It’s time to break trail and go on an adventure of discovery with Coyote Peterson. As he explores the Australian Outback, he will get to meet one sleepy Wombat who is just about to wake up from her daytime slumber. Careful not to disturb his new friend, Coyote must be patient



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