Madagascar: Fire Island

Jul 22, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Nature, Videos

Africa is experiencing one of the most dramatic environmental catastrophes of our time, and the situation is only getting worse. NASA images show that Africa is quickly becoming a global wildfire hotspot, with Madagascar having lost almost half of its forests in just 60 years. This is due to an increase in intentional fires set for agricultural purposes, combined with the drying effects of global warming.

The consequences are devastating for both wildlife and those living nearby. In Madagascar alone, 5% of all species on the planet face extinction due to these fires. The situation has become so dire that a new documentary was created by National Geographic to expose this tragedy to a wider audience and encourage action.

In ‘Fire on Earth’, filmmakers explore why deforestation has become such a pressing problem in Madagascar and how it has affected local communities. Through interviews with leading scientists, conservationists, farmers, and fire fighters, the documentary brings viewers into a world where wildfires have become an all-too-frequent reality that threatens both human livelihoods as well as biodiversity. By uncovering facts about how climate change has contributed to this disaster and what can be done to stop it, ‘Fire on Earth’ provides an educational experience unlike any other film before it — one that encourages viewers to take action against the destruction of our planet.

This documentary offers us a window into a world we may not otherwise get to experience — a place where people live amongst flames and must battle them every day in order to survive. If you want to learn more about deforestation or help make an impact on climate change, then watching ‘Fire on Earth’ is essential viewing – do your part now before it’s too late!

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David B