Famine in Madagascar

Jul 13, 2023 | Animals, Beauty, Environmental, Nature, People, Videos

In the far south of Madagascar, a crisis is unfolding that is largely going unnoticed by the international media. For over a hundred years, villages in this region have been dealing with drought and famine that has been exacerbated by raids from armed bandits known as “Dahalo”, climate change, and a weak government.

The effect of this harsh reality has become even more dire since October 2020; pictures of malnourished children began appearing online. Despite President Andry Rajoelina’s visit to the region in early 2021, 1.5 million Malagasy people are still struggling to feed themselves. They must rely on what little they have access to—roots and locusts—which is often not enough to satisfy their hunger (“kere”). The situation has gotten so bad that people are dying each day due to a lack of aid from government and relief organizations.

What’s more, the villagers live in constant fear of the Dahalo who often steal their livestock when raids occur, leaving them with nothing for sustenance. It’s a heartbreaking situation that demands immediate action; those affected need our help if they are to survive this tragic ordeal.

For those looking to learn more about what is happening in Madagascar and get involved, a new documentary titled “Dahalo: A Crisis Unnoticed” provides an insightful look into how these people are living under such extreme duress. Through interviews with locals and personal accounts from survivors of the raids, it sheds light on how life is for those living at ground zero. By watching this film we can all gain valuable insight into the struggles faced by these brave villagers who are trying desperately to survive against all odds.

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David B