The Great Conspiracy

Nov 28, 2023 | 9/11, Videos

Barrie Zwicker’s documentary The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw is an extension of his original 44-minute video, The Great Deception. This groundbreaking work was the first to ask critical questions and challenge the official narrative surrounding the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

The 70-minute sequel expands upon this exploration into the intricate details of the attack, as well as why those facts have yet to be accepted by leading media outlets. Through interviews with experts in various related fields and thorough research, Zwicker masterfully reveals a far greater conspiracy than most are aware of.

In addition to exposing hidden truths about what actually occurred that day, Zwicker also examines how these revelations could have significant implications for our current political situation. By illuminating this information, he aims to help viewers understand deeper issues that may still be lying dormant in plain sight.

For anyone interested in uncovering hidden truths about 9/11 and its aftermath, The Great Conspiracy is an invaluable resource. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain new insight into one of the most pivotal events of our generation. With such gripping content and a clear-headed perspective on complex topics, this documentary is sure to captivate audiences around the world. So don’t miss out – watch Barrie Zwicker’s The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw today!

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David B