With Or Without You - What Men Really Think About Women?

  • Published 1 year ago
  • 3.7

In order to truly become a man, one must understand women. Usually, people say that women are the complicated gender, and that it is really hard to understand them. In reality, however, men are not as simple as one might think.

Tom Sands and Ramsay James think otherwise. Their goal is simple: try to help women understand what men think of them.

How do some men describe the perfect woman? On first glance, one might think that men describe the physical outlook of a woman. But as one of the interviewed participants says, the perfect woman is “his wife” because she understands him, communicates with him and much more than that. Of course, there are answers like “blonde hair and big tits”, but expect much more than that.

Another expert tells that understanding your partner is crucial to enjoying females. The journey of Tom and Ramsay takes them to experts in gender perception all around the world. The participants include people from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, white, black, skinny, fat men, and everything in between.

Enjoy the rollercoaster of revelations about the social interactions, people’s experiences, and some profound realizations.

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