Winged Migration

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An odyssey over three years in the making, Winged Migration is definitely an amazing experience to behold. His most impressive and moving is its ability to attract viewers to a world almost abroad, traveling along a variety of bird species that make their semiannual migrations over long distances. Microcosmos and puts the viewer in a world of ants in size of the blades of grass loomed like skyscrapers, Winged Migration offers the world through the eyes of birds.

We are on the floor with them as they interact, seek support and care for their young, and we are in the air with the birds flying without discouragement of high and low land and sea. The film is also a world tour that reveals beautiful landscapes that most humans never get to see. One of the unexpected pleasures of the film is to hear the many voices and different from these beings that communicate with each other, it’s almost like a music track itself.

As for current music and film scores, is a mixture. Some musical choices interact well with the visuals, while many are agitated and upset. Usually, the most effective, either without music or accompanied by minimalist compositions. The thrill of flying with the birds is countered with the representation of disasters and the obstacles they face every day.

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