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The star of Australia from the beginning, when it carried the Olympic torch into the stadium, finally, as he crossed the line to get the gold in 400 meters, athlete Cathy Freeman was the Indians. Against the wishes of many of its people still oppressed, which came to represent the symbol, although superficial, of reconciliation between white and Aboriginal Australia. But the frenzy of flames and fireworks around the Games the world has blinded the darker side of the land down under.

In 1999, John Pilger, returned home to find that the elaborate preparations for the Games of the shadow of a hidden world where the natives still living in third world conditions. Revealed that some of the best sportsmen and women in the world were in fact Aboriginal.

Many, like the blacks in South Africa under apartheid, until recently refused a spot on the Olympic teams of their country. He also found that the Government of Australia was in the process of reversing the landmark 1992 legislation, which finally recognized as having Aboriginal customary law before the English colonized the country. “Welcome to Australia: The shame secret behind the Sydney Olympics was the third Pilger film made in the fight for Aboriginal alongside fellow Australian, Alan Lowery.

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