Warriors of Japan: Samurai - Ninja - War Monks

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The word samurai comes from the Japanese verb saburau, which translates to serve someone and look up to them. Samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the 12th century to their abolition in the 1870s.
Samurai had high prestige and special privileges, for example, wearing two swords. They do no longer exist, but their influence still manifests deeply in Japanese culture.
Samurai heritage can be seen all over Japan, castles, carefully planned gardens, and beautifully preserved samurai residences.
There were three principal ranks among samurai, gokenin, goshi, and hatamoto. Gokenin, or housemen, was the lowest. They were vassals of a feudal lord. Goshi, rustic warrior, could farm their land but could not have the two swords of the full samurai rank. And hatamoto is the highest rank.

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