Venezuelan coup d'état of 2002

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This documentary, filmed in 2003 by Kim Bartley and Donnacha Ó Briain, is focused on a series of events that played out in Venezuela in 2002.

The video materials in this documentary were compiled in the course of over seven months and they include the thorough filming of Chavez with his staff in their every day duties and routines along with a number of interviews made with the citizens of Caracas.

The makers of this documentary recorded the events that took place on 11th April, 2002. What began as a demonstration of the opposing groups, ended in a violent outburst with an alleged number of civilian casualties. It is reported that the supporters of Chavez were responsible for the shooting that ended with these fatalities.

In the following days, the unrest was dealt with and the opposition of Chavez fled the country. Watch this documentary and learn about the chain of events that led to these protests. Discover the plan to overthrow Chavez and the outcome of it. Was the footage of the alleged shooting just an elaborate hoax? What was the role of the media in these events? Find the answers to these questions in this exciting documentary about the President Chavez and the April protest.

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