Vampire Secrets

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Vampire Secrets is a docudrama of 2006 on the mythology and lifestyle of vampires, produced by Indigo Films for History Channel and narrated by Corey Burton.

The documentary presents the history of vampires in India (the Hindu goddess Kali), Greek and Chinese, and references to the Bible and ancient Mesopotamia.

At the mention of the word “vampire”, images of bloody fangs, dark layers, and a man with a horrible and scary laughter immediately come to mind.

These conventional images, born of countless vampire movies in recent years, are most commonly associated with Irish writer Bram Stoker novel Dracula and his iconic 1897.

However, despite the popularity and influence of this famous nineteenth-century volume, the vampire myth dates back over 1,000 years, long before Stoker never put pen to paper.

In this fascinating journey through time, history ® discover the ancient origins of folk bloodlust creatures from beyond.

Learn how the vampire myth is deeply rooted in Eastern European tradition, but the way he has also played a prominent role in ancient Greece and China.

From wooden stakes garlic apotropaic funeral rituals ancient secrets Vampire explores how this myth has long been interpreted by different cultures around the world.

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