Universe: The Cosmology Quest

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Most of us are intrigued by the questions to do with the origin and evolution of the universe. Where do we come? Where do we go?These are fundamental questions. But nobody knows the answers. In recent years there have been many claims that we are finally getting a real answer.

Is that the universe and all matter and energy that are created are created in a huge explosion about 15 billion years. This was the Big Bang. Most scientists agree with this, but some of us, an expert in the field, who understand that still do not really know. This is the story of a few.

The astronomical theory comes to the meetings between members of an elite influence. This film gives the opportunity to hear and see, first hand, the arguments that contradict the currently accepted paradigm.

Listen and reflect on how researchers dispute the findings that do not reach the media and general public. See evidence of a completely different universe. Discover along with many prominent workers in the area, what this universe is like and how it works.

It is surprising that this film was given the animosity towards the alternative ideas in the field. Apparently, Meyers has become the Michael Moore documentary science!

This feature presentation is a unique blend of human interest and science documentary. As the first comprehensive documentary to deal with major new approaches in non-big bang cosmologies, it reveals several deep theoretical and observational controversies. This is a fact, well hidden from university students and the general public, said with clarity and conviction, and that can lead to low fall of the theory of Big Bang presiding.

The story is told by 16 world-renowned astronomers as the legendary cosmologist Sir Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Burbidge and cosmologists controversial Halton Arp, philosopher and designer John Dobson telescope, astronomers Jack Sulentic, Jean-Claude Pecker, and Margaret Burbidge.

Illustrated with 3D animation and a soundtrack symphonic exuberant, this film is a scientific and historical “must” for anyone interested in astronomy and cosmology.

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