Undercover Copper

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Dispatches: Undercover Copper examines how rape victims are treated at all stages of the criminal justice process. From the initial notification of a violation to the police, until the conclusion of the judicial process, we discover a postcode lottery initial care and medical forensic rape victims and there is no national standard for the number of agents Specialized police units trained against sexual violence.

With many victims too afraid to engage in the judicial process, Nina also exposes the myths and misconceptions about rape in the hands of the jurors who must be challenged if the violators are to end up behind bars. The Government recognizes the conviction rate for rape is unacceptably low, Mike O’Brien, Attorney General tells Nina: “… There are a lot of rapists out there who are getting away with it and many of them are repeat rapists and therefore, we must address that. “But despite recent legislation and new initiatives to give victims more than say, Nina is a system that is failing to deliver justice for victims of rape.

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