Toronto G20 Exposed

  • Published 1 year ago
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Get the complete timeline of what happened from the opening day of the summit, anti-globalism demonstrations, the Black Bloc riots, burning police cars and the resulting mass arrests.

The film highlights the apparent lack of security of $ 1.2 billion and calls into question what kinds of policies are applied to direct the police on issues such as property protection and crowd control.

What is clear is that the police had a deliberate and flagrant disregard of citizens’ civil rights, their behavior toward the demonstrators and detainees were brutally violent and ruthless.

With the violation of civil liberties and the lack of transparency in decision making several calls a public inquiry have been made by community groups and watchdog organizations.

See the testimony of several interviewed protesters, who were arrested and imprisoned for more than 20 hours in a makeshift “detention center” called Torontanimo infamous. Amnesty International stated that the conditions people went there as a human rights violation.

The history of the G-20 in Toronto begins with this film, but the consequences and implications of this bleak and disturbing events, the stories shared by victims is still in question.

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