Thomas Hellum: The world's most boring television

  • Published 4 months ago
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Imaging having to watch a television show that lasts for 7 hours, and all you see is a train journey. Or a 18 hours fishing expedition. Or even worse, a 5 day ferry voyage along the coast of Norway. Well, as it turns out, these kind of TV shows can be interesting and addictive.

Norwegian television producer, Thomas Hellum got an idea of slow television. He got the idea thanks to slow food, and he and his team began experimenting with slow TV. The idea is to broadcast long and boring events in live TV.

But what happened was a fascinating story. The public loved it. How they exactly got the idea? Thomas explains in his TED talk.

One thing that probably played in their favor, is that we live in a fast society, that people sometimes want to slow down and get a change to relax. 

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