The World’s Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)

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The documentary, The World’s Most Dangerous Drug, talks about the viciously addictive drug Methamphetamines, known by the street name Crystal, Ice, and Crank. The film delves on the devastating effects of methamphetamines. This drug provides the hyperactivity effects of Cocaine as well as the delusional effects of LSD. Amphetamines are easily found in virtually every community. According to some estimates there are 26 million worldwide users of this drug. With US law that began to eliminate methamphetamine labs, its supply came from Mexico using routes already established by Cocaine Cartels.

The drug gives a high for a relatively longer period of time to the users. It keeps users pumped up from 6 to 12 hours. The effect of the drug range from paranoia, invulnerability, increased strength, euphoria. The negative impact on health includes rotten teeth, suppression of appetite, insomnia, and in some cases brain damage.

The ease with which this drug can be taken makes it even more dangerous. It can be swallowed, snorted, injected, or smoked. Besides it is cheap to buy or can be easily manufactured by almost anyone.

The film includes some graphic photos and a few disturbing video clips. These elements in reinforce the main message of the documentary.

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