The World Of Backup Singers

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A backing singer, or a backup singer, is the person providing the harmony, vocal wise, in coordination with the lead singer. There are cases when a backup singer performs a solo or serves as the lead-in of the main vocalist theme. This type of singer can also be responsible for providing the melody which is opposite of the main one.

This documentary is concerned with the backup singers, the people behind the lead singer. They are the unsung heroes of the music industry. The documentary contains the performances and the interviews from backup singers such as Lisa Fischer, Judith Hill, Jo Lawry, Darlene Love, Merry Clayton and a number of others.

The director of this documentary is Morgan Neville and it was produced by Gil Friesen. The idea for the making of this film came from Friesen, who is an executive in the music industry. His ever growing interest for the backup singers, and their point of view in the industry, finally resulted in the making of this incredible documentary.

On the 86th Academy Awards, held on March 2nd in 2014, this documentary won the prestigious Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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