The War In Iraq

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This documentary is concerned with the war in Iraq. The director of this documentary is David O. Russell. The film includes a number of interviews given from the soldiers from the both sides of the conflict.

Due to the controversy in respect to the content and a delay of the material delivery, Warner Bros. canceled the movie release and withdrew from the project. The offer to buy the project came from Independent Film Channel and it was finally finished. The first screening happened on the eve of the US presidential elections in 2004.

As opposed to the claims made by Michael Moore about the execution of Saddam Hussein and the reactions of the local population, Russell states that it is a good thing that he is gone and that every Iraqi person that he knows is sharing his opinion.

The main questions in this documentary are whether Iraq is in a better position after the execution of Saddam and does this world benefit from this war? The answers are yes and no, according to the creators of this extraordinary documentary.

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