The Search for Adam

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Could it be that all descendants of Adam? And if Adam existed, who he was, where she lived and what he looked like?

Join leading geneticist and National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence, Spencer Wells, who embarks on a quest to find trees of all the men of the family back to an ancestor.

His extraordinary journey ultimately lands him in Africa, which marks the birthplace of the human species. Using the latest technology in DNA research and forensic anthropology, Wells and others rebuild their lives and face of Adam.

His latest adventure has led him to discover that the ethnicity of Thomas Jefferson is not quite as expected. He has hunted down possible descendents of Solomon, the third king of Israel.

And, has entered a world where science and religion converge-the search for what he calls the “scientific Adam,” the man who gave rise to all the people of today and the trunk of the human family tree. Wells has used DNA to trace this common ancestor back to Africa and perhaps the very plains where he may have hunted.

It has even identified a tribe living in an ancient lineage that provides a window into the scientific life of Adam – and the face of one of the tribe members served as a model to determine what may have seemed.

Explore a world where science and religion converge as we shed new light on our past in search of Adam.

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