The Saffron Revolution in Burma

  • Published 1 year ago
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This documentary is concerned with the protest of the people in Burma, also known as Myanmar, against the ruling regime. The Buddhist monks join the protest, and what began as non violent protest will turn into the aggressive outburst of the military forces in order to suppress the protest.

A series of events in August 2007, including the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, an elected official and a favorite of the people, will lead to a peaceful march. Because of the characteristic color of the monks’ robes, who participated in the protest, it was called the “Saffron Revolution”.

Among the participants of the “Saffron Revolution” were political activists and students. In the course of the following three months there have been several thousands of arrests and an estimated 31 fatal casualties. The detained protesters were eventually released.

The documentary contains footage that was smuggled from Burma with the help of a number of journalists and political activists. At the time of the protests, the country was in complete isolation and there was almost no communication with the outside world. The crucial role in the information updates, during the protests, played the members of the Democratic Voice of Burma.

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