The Path of the Horse

  • Published 6 months ago
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Stormy May is a horse trainer with a vision for the future. She wants to improve the relationship between horses and humans.

There was a time, when humans and horses were inevitably connected. That was the time horses were used as transport. But things have changed, and horses have become an entertainment aspect of our lives, especially the race tracks.

And while there are ranches that breed and keep horses, the reality is that the connection and the relationship between horses and humans is in decline.

Stormy May travels the world to interview some of the leading teachers, trainers and visionaries. Stormy started the project rather simply: selling her house, buying a camera and a plane ticket and traveling the world.

“The Path of the Horse” is a documentary Stormy believes will make a difference, and improve the relationship between humans and horses. The documentary is also part of a fundraiser, raising money for a horse training community. Every bit helps, and the community will use the money to spread the world, and improve horse trainers and horse enthusiasts around the world.

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