The Living God: Medicine and The Ancient Meetei Civilization

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Some believe that the “so-called” Meetei civilization is a hoax, as there is no archeological proof of the civilization living in Manipur or in either part of Northeast Asia. There is not even a single temple that dates before the 19th century.

On the other hand, there are those who believe in the Meetei civilization, one that is still rather unknown to the Western World. The central achievement of the civilization is their ancient script, one that is the symbol for advanced nature of civilization nowadays.

In the ancient writings, scientists have found form, phonology and structure that can help understand human physiology, and they even had understanding of subjects like genetics, medicine, astrology, astronomy, secrets of life and death.

But the most important aspect continues to be the religious aspect, or the relation between God (called Lai in the Meetei books) and Human. The mingling of the two is the centerpiece of the Festivity of God, called Lai Haraoba that occurs in North-Eastern region of India.

Who were the Meetei? Some believe they were one of the greatest ancient civilizations, one of the rare with an understanding of advance scientific writing system, with writings and records that show a history of more than 100 kings.

Dating back to more than 3500 years, this is the Meetei civilization.

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