The Land Of Bromide

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How has travel changed in the past 10 and 15 years? Can you remember how travel was 15 years ago?

Some 15 years ago, we traveled by car and a bus in most cases. But airplanes have completely changed the way we travel. Airplanes are now cheaper and affordable, allowing everyone to experience them.

But that is not the only way travel has changed in the past 15 years. Modern international travel and organized tourism are two terms we hear all the time. Some 15 years ago, we also didn’t have the wide range of cameras and digital photography we have now.

All those factors have contributed to a different lifestyle of traveling, which many people believe can now be called “banality of modern travel”. It is like if you don’t take picture of something, it’s the same as if you haven’t been there.

The best summary of the documentary and the banality of modern travel itself is when the narrator shares the quote “This is the guy who tells us what to stop for”. The documentary deeply explores the way we travel, the ethics of travel and what has changed. Is it positive, or it is a negative change?

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