The Imposter

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The Imposter is a 2012 British-American narrative film about the 1997 instance of the French con artist Frédéric Bourdin, who imitated Nicholas Barclay, a thirteen year old Texas kid who vanished in 1994. The film incorporates interviews with Bourdin and individuals from Barclay's family, and file TV news footage and reenacted scenes.

Bourdin, who ended up having a long record of imitating different kids, genuine or fanciful, decorated his case to be Nicholas Barclay by charging that he had been captured for purposes of sexual misuse by Mexican, European, and U.S. military work force and transported from Texas to Spain.

His mimic tricked a few authorities in Spain and the U.S., and he was evidently acknowledged by huge numbers of Barclay's relatives, despite the fact that he was seven years more seasoned than Barclay, talked with a French intonation, and had chestnut eyes and dim hair as opposed to Barclay's blue eyes and blonde hair.

The mimic was in the end uncovered as an aftereffect of the suspicions of a private agent, Charles (Charlie) Parker, and a FBI specialists, Nancy Fisher. Bourdin therefore made a full admission, and in the film he expounds on the different stages in his mimic.

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