The Human Body

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This astonishing series takes us on a breathtaking journey turns the most complex biological mechanism on earth – the human body.

Using a technique that allows us to see changes in time photos, graphics, technical drawing and illustration software calculated to investigate any act, due to a corner of the human body at different stages of growth, maturity and the final state – decay.

Tuition, girls, pains of adolescence, the complex activity of the brain and eventually death is shown in steps with a detailed explanation.

Offering a clear voice of Dr. Robert Winston allows a 10-year-old child, even to acquire knowledge and understand the human body like never before.

Life Story – Every second, a world of miraculous microscopic events take place within the body.

A daily miracle – The drama of conception activates the machine most sophisticated life support on earth.

First Steps – In four years, the newborn child learns all the skills of survival.

Raging Teens – The hormone-driven roller coaster known as adolescence!

Brain Power – The adult human brain is the most complicated – object in the universe – and mysterious.

As Time Goes By – is much more complex – and fascinating – simple reduction.

The end of life – even in death, the body reveals remarkable secrets.

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