The Ground Truth

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This is a 2006 documentary and it is concerned with the war in Iraq and the soldiers who participated in it. The focus is also on the aftermath of these events and the life of veterans. The director and producer is Patricia Foulkrod, a well known figure in the business of documentaries, known for films such as ‘The Linguini Incident’ and ‘An American Rhapsody’.

The documentary`s theater release was on September 15th in 2006. Later that year a DVD was also released. Characterized as controversial and revealing, this documentary was nominated for the prestigious Oscar award in 2007.

Can you imagine the life of a soldier upon his return home? The horrors and hardships of a war can cause a great deal of both physical and psychical issues. Some of these issues which need immediate attention are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the process of returning to the normal pace of everyday life in the time of peace. The focus of this documentary is on a group of soldiers who suffered greatly due to war and the process of rehabilitation which is as delicate as the state of these soldiers.

These brave people share their experiences with the audience by speaking about the horrors which they witnessed, and also through the process of personal healing and returning to their lives prior to the war.

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