The Genocide in Darfur

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This documentary is concerned with the civil war in Darfur, Sudan. The reason for the conflict was the oppression of the non-Arabs conducted by the government of Sudan. The opposing forces of this regime were the Justice and Equality movement and the Sudan Liberation Army.

The root of the conflict in the region of Darfur lies in the combination of a number of issues. They include the agricultural and herding dispute, the battle for the water sources and the government ethnic cleansing campaign against the non-Arabic population.

In 2003 there was an armed uprising against the government of Sudan led by the Justice and Equality movement and the Sudan Liberation Army. The military response of the Sudanese government will result in genocide and a total death toll of over several hundred thousand human casualties.

This conflict forced millions of people out of their homes and into refugee camps. A number of people died due to the starvation and disease caused by the poor living conditions.

In this documentary, Brian Steidle, a former U.S. Marine Captain, shares his personal story along with the one he recorded in Darfur, working as an official military observer. Watch this emotional and shocking tale of the suffering and hardships of the people in Sudan.

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