The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion

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As Pope concludes his visit to Britain, the historian Dr. Thomas Dixon goes into the archives of the BBC to explore the troubled relationship between religion and science. Of the U.S. creationist physicists Large Hadron Collider, which traces the spread of scientific knowledge and wonders if there is room for God in the modern world.

The relationship between science and religion has been long and turbulent: from the condemnation of Galileo by the Catholic Church in Italy in the seventeenth century, through clashes between creationism and evolution in 20th century America, to recent claims that the universe does not need God. Further through the rich archive of Horizon programs and science for the BBC, Thomas Dixon look what’s behind this relationship difficult. Using original footage from 1925, which tells the story of John Scopes, a Tennessee teacher, who was tried for teaching evolution.

He sees the connections between religion and American politics in the history of a recent case-the court of first instance of Intelligent Design. He looks at what happens when the new scientific discoveries begin to explain the events that have seen the works of God, and explains how some of our most famous scientists have seen God in the greatest laws of the universe. Finally, there is fascinating evidence of brain science, which suggests that belief in God is here to stay.

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