The Elegant Universe

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“Adapted from a provocative book by Brian Greene, this film very exciting – which originally aired on PBS NOVA in three parts – the attempts to explain the controversial string theory, a complicated scientific proposal, in short, offers a unique explanation for many the mysteries of his universe. As affable as an intellectual who is likely to find, Greene involves a number of physicists in their analysis of string theory, which in part is mixed theory of relativity of Einstein with the complex laws governing quantum mechanics. Despite mind-numbing technical terms kept to a minimum, those of us not familiar with advanced physics may feel a bit lost at times.

However, the issue is certainly fascinating, and some conclusions are nothing short of amazing: a reasoned opinion, the professional discussion of a universe that encompasses 11 different dimensions undoubtedly called Johnny Carson “”I did not know”" to mind.

In a way reminiscent of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series, The Elegant Universe is even more difficult to get a handle on. But the effort is rewarding, especially when you are looking for a way to melt the ice at parties … (Barnes & Noble)

Brian Greene’s Homepage

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