The Code

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Linus Torvalds and many of his closest associates spun one of the greatest success stories of the internet culture with Linux, making it a sustainable and thriving business solution within its industry.

‘The Code’ focuses on the first decade of this marvelous creation from 1991 to 2001. Linus turned Linux into a media star; no doubt his personality also rubbed off on his product as he was the living epitome of ‘a single hacker against the forces of darkness’; he spoke with élan and was admired by Linus lovers as well as big businessmen.

Linus Torvald put his wonderful, awe-inspiring creation up on the internet for free initially; but no one really understood why he did that. This mysterious personality is attempted to be unraveled in this documentary giving people a sneak peek into his personal life and thoughts while trying to satisfy some unanswered questions about his motivation and inspiration to do what he did!

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